Monthly Archives: May 2010

The End Of New Construction

I have been specializing in New Construction here in Sea Isle City for the last 15 years. When it comes to the development of new homes, it is safe to say that I have more experience than any other agent in this market. Period. From design to construction/development to listings and sales, I have done it all. I am telling you this so as to qualify the idea that I am about to share with you.


That’s right. The days of seeing 100+ new units come to the market in any given year are OVER. Why do I say this. Because there are less than 200 non-developed full size lots  left between 45th and 85th streets as I write this. In the course of my work I have developed and maintained a list of all of the full size lots here in town that have not been developed into a side by side. It is how I made most of my living, so when I saw the shortage of properties that could be developed begin to forecast the end of the town house development era here in Sea Isle City, I began to think “what am I going to do”.  Then I began to think, how is this going to effect the town house market in a broad sense. I have been thinking on that for over two years now and I have been tracking market data that I think is important to you and to me. Important to anyone that has an interest in the town house market here in Sea Isle City. The space here is to small for me to develop this point fully as we specifically consider the categories and sub-categories. So let me wrap it up with this point. If you own a townhouse or are thinking about buying a townhouse here in Sea Isle City, there are things you should know. If you will share some specifics with me, I will be able to help you. If you want to talk, call me at the office number. 609-263-5301