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What Am I Paying You For?

If you’re not asking this type of hard,  pointed question when interviewing a prospective Listing Broker, then you need to. The average Townhouse commission paid in Sea Isle  is $16,250. That kind of money should get you something more than a sign in your front yard and the best or less efforts of a single person.

If you list with us you will be getting The Best Listing Company in Sea Isle City.  Sea Isle Realty is a company formed on a Team approach. When you list with us you will have access to different people with different specialized skill sets.

●   An experienced group of Agents to help with setting the correct price.

●   A professional Stager/Designer to help you prepare the  property for sale.

●    The best Back Office staff in Sea Isle to respond to your needs.

●    A Broker/Owner with a family history in Sea Isle Real Estate that dates back over 55 years.

Our mission is to represent to Your best interest, not ours.  Our job is to apply our combined experience and live up to the very ideal of Agency. Just take a look at the definition:

“A fiduciary relationship in which a person or entity act, by mutual consent, for the benefit of another” 

By that definition, We are bound to represent Your Best Interest.

That is our first promise and we will separate further from there. One step at a time we will employ our experience, knowledge, and conviction in vigorously representing your best opportunity.  You will have a relationship with an entire Company and a connected Team, not just a single agent trying to do everything on their own.

Join us for a meeting and we will present to you our plan and our promise of service.  One hour that could make all the difference in one of the most important financial events you can experience. One hour that will make the difference in selling or not selling your home. One hour.