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Whether you are thinking about selling in the present market or not thinking of selling at all, knowing the condition of the real estate market in general and understanding your position in it is a responsibility that we all share as owners of second homes. Maintaining an awareness of a market that is in most instances hours from where we live is difficult. I know from my own experiences in South Florida. Having to use information taken piecemeal from here and there can be unsettling to say the least. Trying to make decisions or developing short/long range plans in that fragmented condition is risky.

My name is Stephen Freda and I am the Broker/Owner of Sea Isle Realty. I have spent hundreds of hours analyzing the last 10 years of our real estate market and now I want to share that data with owners of property that need to understand this market as it completes it’s correction. I want to help you develop and execute your ownership plan, be what it may.

If you are thinking of selling I can help.

If you are not thinking of selling but want to know what you need to know, then you should call me.

I am looking for business relationships with owners of real estate here in Sea Isle City. I pride myself in representing the interests of Owners. I am experienced, professional and informed. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you

Thank You

Stephen Freda
Sea Isle Realty


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