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Dear Owner,

Thank you for choosing Sea Isle Realty as your rental representative. Below is our Rental Listing Agreement for 2018. We ask that you carefully complete all the listing information. The amenities on this form are identical to those that will be listed on your leases. Owners will be held responsible for supplying all of the amenities that are checked off on this form.

Please complete all weekly, monthly and seasonal rates and block off any weeks you are reserving, or weeks booked by other Brokers or repeat tenants. Remember we are unable to market your property for for the 2018 season until we receive your rates.

Use the following form to set up your rental information for the 2018 Summer season.

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Additionally, there are a couple items you want to make sure you read and/or do prior to accepting any rentals for the upcoming season:

Owner Information (Section 1 of 10)

Fill in your personal information.

Property Repairs (Section 2 of 10)

This section covers the persons you would like contacted if anything on the premises requires repair, etc.

Property Information (Section 3 of 10)

Give us the basic information on your property.

Property Comments (Section 4 of 10)

Tell us about your property, prospective renters will read this.

Bedding (Section 5 of 10)

Fill in the number of beds by type.

Property Amenities (Section 6 of 10)

Check off which amenities your property has.

Seasonal and Term Rental Rates for 2018 (Section 7 of 10)

Fill in the rates you desire for the upcoming term and seasonal rental periods.

Off-Season Weekends

Weekly Rental Rates for 2018 (Section 8 of 10)

Fill in the rates you desire for the upcoming weekly rental periods.

Other Agencies to be Notified (Section 9 of 10)

Check off the other agencies that also handle your property.

Understanding and Agreement (Section 10 of 10)

Declaration of Licensee Business Relationship
Sea Isle City, Inc., and its authorized representatives, are working in this transaction as a Landlord's agent only.

The Owner represents they have the legal right to authorize Agent to obtain tenants for the property for the time periods and rental amounts stated in this agreement. Agent shall use its best efforts to secure tenants for the Owner's property. Owner agrees to pay Agent a commission of 11% of the gross rental amounts. Agent shall collect on behalf of the Owner all rental payments and deposits. Agent will place them in Agent's Trust Account. This is a non-interest bearing Account. Agent agree to forward to the Owner rental payments as received (giving proper time for processing and for personal checks to clear) on all fully executed leases from the Tenant, deducting the agreed upon commission. Damage Deposits will be forwarded to the Owner on all Seasonal rentals. Agent will hold all Deposits on all weekly rentals and return the Deposit to the Tenant in the absence of written notice from the Owner regarding damages within 7 days of the end of occupancy. Owner agrees to hold Agent harmless for any and all actions of Tenants during any rental secured pusuant to this agreement, including but not limited to, damages, Deposit disputes, breach of lease terms, failure to pay any rental amounts when due or Tenants claims of non-habitability, or tenant claims of personal injury. The Owner shall personally or through a representative other than the Agent inspect the property prior to the occupancy of any tenant and insure that all appliances, heating/cooling are in good working order, the property is clean, there are cans for trash and recycling and generally that all items on the lease are available. The Owner acknowledges that he has read all pages of this Listing Agreement, understands the contents, warrants the accuracy of all property and personal information, and that no agreement or condition exist other than those contained herein.