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I don’t pay attention to the politics of the country, the interest rate or much of anything else that some other people do to help them develop their positions as to the relative condition of our real estate market here in Sea Isle City. But I do pay attention when owners start dropping in to the office and say hello or call me out of the blue in a volume that is more than normal. In the past month or so these seemingly random contacts have increased so much that I am shocked. The guy that sits next to me at work just keeps looking at me as I get all these visits and phone calls. He’s new at real estate and he keeps asking me what I have been doing to get all this activity. He wants me to tell him something but I have nothing the give him. The collective mindset is something I always think about. I am amazed at how it always presents itself in a sudden collective thought and then the action that is sometimes attached to it showing when it shows itself in my work life. People start thinking about taking action all at once and they go into a stall all at once. They start thinking conservatively or aggressively and they always do it at the same time without knowing each other or talking about it. Its like there is a special frequency out there that we are all tuned into without knowing it.

So anyway, the reason for me sharing this tidbit is just to let those of you that are getting antsy about what your doing with the Sea Isle position, your not the only one.

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  1. Diane

    I think your blog makes you very accessible. Thanks for keeping us up to date at all the way in Fort Worth. If we were in the area, we would have stopped by too!


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